Smoked Oysters

Freshly harvested from Willapa Bay, our farmed Pacific Oysters are brought directly to our processing facility.  We brine oysters in small batches using our own recipes.  The oysters are placed meticuosly on stainless steel smoke racks and smoked using a blend of hardwood chips.  We have five great flavors, all made with the finest ingredients available.

ORIGINAL SMOKED OYSTERS- Our original flavor is lightly cured with natural sea salt, organic sugar, a hint of organic garlic and onion powder.  Packed in a Tbsp of organic High Oleic Sunflower oil.  A true classic that is sure to please.   Buy Now

Habanero Hots Smoked Oysters – Our Habanero Hots are brined with a combination of Habanero sauces before smoking.  Hot and spicy for those of you who like a little kick. Buy Now

Teriyaki Smoked Oysters-  Brined with Nick’s original Teriyaki recipe from Hawaii. Buy Now

Lemon Pepper Smoked Oysters- Adds a subtle blend to the originals Buy Now

BBQ- Ekone developed our own in house recipe which has become a favorite. Buy Now

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