Smoked Mussels

We are excited be working with Penn Cove Shellfish to get our mussels. All mussels are grown and harvested in Washington.

The mussels are shipped whole to our plant for processing. After the meats are removed, they are lightly brined using natural sea salt, organic sugar, organic onion and garlic powder, and a made in U.S.A. citric acid. The mussels are then cold smoked. We pack mussel meat along with 2 tsp of high oleic organic sunflower oil in an easy open can.  Shelf life is 5 years from the production date.


per 2.75-oz can

Buy 12 or more cans and we pay USA freight!
5 to 11 cans: $10.   |   1 to 4 cans: $5.

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Smoked Mussels

Lightly cured with salt, organic sugar and a hint of garlic and onion. A true classic that is fresh, all natural, and allows the flavor of the oysters to shine!